With many years of experience Villa Reale is entering the future with a new project, Villa Reale Store, where the company is going to present a variety of Italian brands, that it has successfully promoted in the last years.
The concept itself includes not only shoes, but also accessories like bijou, eyewear, bags, and gloves – all things that the modern woman can’t live without.
We have selected brands that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients basing or products on the quality of materials and variety of the collections.
The strong point of the project is the selection of the Italian economy brands (all represented by Villa Reale Fashion Group), which makes these shoes affordable for people with moderate means, something that is in the best interests of Russian market given the current economic times.
In the moment of problems and instability of the retail market Villa Reale Fashion Group is offering you an efficient way to overcome the difficulties and survive the crises.
The first Villa Reale Store is going to open in December 2014 in Irkutsk, not far from the famous Baikal lake. We invite with great pleasure all the those who are interested in the project; we let you know the exact dates.
Why is it convenient to open a Villa Reale Store you may ask?
The innovations that we are going to use in the project:

  • Interior design project created in cooperation with Italian architects
  • Utility
  • Parsimony
  • Enriched collections
  • Merchandising
  • Target product
  • Terms of collaboration and main benefits:
  • Design project
  • The variety of shoes and accessories available for the project
  • Fast re-assortment of best selling models
  • Control of sales in order to keep the margins and profits high
  • Local Adv Support
  • Promotion materials, posters, gadgets, etc
  • Monthly merchandising plan
  • Seasonal promo actions in order to reach the planned budget
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