About Villa Reale Group

Villa Reale (VR) Fashion Group is a sales and strategic consultancy platform with more than 25 years of experience in the wholesale world. Since the beginning of 1999, when the style of Italian fashion has established itself in the world, VRGroup enters the scene as a fashion agency specialized in the sales of Italian collections in the Russian market.
During his professional career he enters international markets and develops a certain knowledge in order to be able to provide a 360-degree consultancy service. Since another professional figure joins the group, VRGroup affirms its ability to offer a doc service for each company/brand of international development.

The virtual reality allows any foreign company to enter the European/Russian markets as a start-up and operate a branch concept with the benefit of its large portfolio of retail outlets and department stores.
We offer foreign fashion and design brands the opportunity to open their office anywhere in Europe or Russia. We create a space where designers and brands would be represented not only through their products but also through their stories and concepts.

The headquarters have been set in Milan: the exhibition area of the showroom is flexible and adaptable to all needs. In 2020 we also developed In App-Virtual Showroom to meet the needs of our changing world.


We are a multi-brand sales and marketing fashion group.


We represent Global brands that are in transition into European and Russian markets.

What we Offer

The activity of Villa Reale is organized on two channels: wholesale and retail sales consultancy.

A team of professionals takes care of every aspect of your brand’s creation and management of the European/ Russian branch. That also includes sales and logistics of the collections, proposition to retailers, or if needed, to find the right space to open and manage a store.

Wholesales Services


Branch / Subsidiary / License

VR takes care of all the activities necessary to create a European or Russian branch of the brand. It includes the opening of bank accounts, the charter of the company, etc.



VR takes care of the product, from editing to pricing policies, from sales campaigns to merchandising planning.



VR can develop sales campaigns. We take care of the budget and sales forecasts, as well as all campaign activities. We follow sales directly from Milan for the national market and from local markets. We can help you collect orders and plan any extra production. If needed we can manage sample sale sales.


Distribution / Logistics

VR takes care of the distribution and logistics of the brand collections, from import to transport, broker, warehouse and shipping management.



VR’s accountant can help your brand manage bank accounts and supplier payments, as well as accounting and tax.


Marketing / PR / Advertising

We plan and manage marketing and advertising strategies; provide pr and marketing activities, social media management; plan and organize special events. Create and manage content for individual clients and we offer 360-degree activities to increase the visibility of our client brands.


Business Consulting

We specialize in the search and selection of partners for Luxury, Fashion and Design companies. We do this by locating distributors, offering consultancy in international sales and in the specific characteristics of each market, guiding in the sales area development project, introducing partners and providing reports with shortlists. We support the company up to the introduction on the market and verifying the progress.

Retail Services


Store openings

VR can help your brand the space for the new store, discussing the terms of rent, signing contracts, project management. Meanwhile, we offer exposure of the brand in our Milan Showroom, Virtual Showroom, and Social Media Channels.



We can help you manage hiring employees, training staff, payroll management and administration. We can also take care of budget planning, revenue management, expenses control, etc.


Accounting / Bookkeeping

VR can manage your bank accounts, vendors payments, book keeping / invoicing, sales taxes / income taxes, balance and financials reports.


Digital Services

We work with partners that specialize in technological and editorial development of the company. Our partners can help develop results-driven brand strategy and digital brand identity for social media platforms.

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